Stuck in the world of Degree and Business Life?

Have you ever felt so lost sometimes that you just want an answer desperately.

An answer which you just follow and are sure that it'll be the right path for you.
Thats what I'm struggling with right now.

To do a Degree or to continue with business and see where it goes...

Taking a degree for 4 years, could just mean studying all day all night long for 365* 4 days .
Doing a business for 4 years, could just mean taking risks all day all night long and finding new ways and methods to keep earning that cold hard cash.

So confusing, so lost , so deep in thoughts wondering through every single aspect of life..
At times just loosing myself and sleeping in awe...

How much could a young teen bare in his head.. with all that chanting from parents, all that peer pressure from friends, all that looks and gazes from uncles & aunties. Especially wondering what others might think of you if you're doing something not right in their eyes. To satisfy so many, but yet satisfying yoursel…

What Brand do you prefer?

Facts & Figures of Malaysians!

As we all know that Water Filters / Water Dispensers nowadays are the in-thing. Therefore ive decided to write a simple article on this new Trend as I myself wanted to know which is the best but most reasonable system.
Going through all this questions , we have selected AQUA KENT RO MALAYSIA as our winner. 
As good as their quality is , their pricing is even more attractive. High end product for such an edge steeping price is definitely worth the buy. Not only do they provide 1 year warranty, they also offer FREE service for the first 6 months.
Very professional and friendly staff as well when we called them up. Easy to communicate and no hassle of uncontactable issues.

There are many Water Filtration Systems out there , 3M AP 902, Bacfree , Aqua Kent, Coway, Elken, Amway and many more.
After doing some extensive research, going through many houses conducting checks, checking water quality at Labs , I have finally found the right one.
After reading online …

The truth Untold!

What life has become!!

- These days most of our time is spent on work!.Its either we are busy at work or doing something related to work!Time just gets less and less day by day, and then because of that little time we have, we forget to give a little something to our friends and families during that special occasion! Its either we just have a quick grab from a flower shop or we just act blur! 

Therefore we came out with this truly one of a kind marketplace with curated products just so you can easily buy the right gift for the right occasion.  With products categorised according to special occasions, all you have to do is click and choose from the vast variety of selected unique products. 
Not only do we have a surprise feature included , we know you are busy, so we made the order process super simple with a record breaking of 30 seconds per order!
Now we know there are some of you who wants to join the seller committee . Send us an email at to have a chat.


After experimenting with dozens of layouts and ways to upload products, we have implemented the worlds most Efficient way of getting products on the Internet!

By using a colour scheme so simple but yet so adorable, we have revolutionised the layout for our Unique Sellers to have a peaceful and subtle look. Lots of thinking process had to be done to find the perfect colour set. We do not only care for our Customers Wealth but also Health! According to research, gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color.  We want them to enjoy their experience through our platform.

By having a Bright Blue Button, Sellers can easily upload their products into our APP by just a few clicks!

Just as our Name suggests, we want our Sellers to have a Unique Experience like never before with 24/7 technical support in the future.

We cant wait for Malaysians to get their perfect gifts and presents with the best online experience ever through our Online Uniq…

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